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A real-time face-changing Hollywood App is here to help!

Choose a snapshot of a movie featuring your favorite actor
or actress from the list

with a single touch

Want a photo of you chatting with Angelina Jolie?
Or want to be part of Sylvester Stallone's crew
alongside Jason Statham?


Put yourself into

your favorite movie

Take a picture of yourself


Watch as the App swaps the movie star's face with yours
in real time

Use special tools to edit the result to fit your face in size
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Enjoy your very own selfie with a star. Save it and Share


Now why movies? By watching movies, we gain an opportunity to step out of our own life’s pattern and try on someone else’s skin. The funny thing about this is that sometimes we could definitely say: “That was really about me! How did they know?!” Very often we see in movies moments that intersect our own lives. And these scenes usually illustrate all our emotions better than any words can. Sometimes I just need to put myself into the movie scene in the protagonist’s place to see my own life on the screen. That’s why I decided to use movie stills for visualizing my feelings and emotions for communicating with others. I did this for myself as part of my dream to be in certain movie scenes with my favorite actors and actresses and now you can try it too using the Hollywoody app.

Could this be an option to start with? Once, at least, this was my way to fix what was important to me.

So there are countless moments in our lives when words have no power and we need more creativity to put everything in its place. One of my favorite tools is visualization. You can explain absolutely any complicated thing by visualizing it creatively. I believe that using images as a part of our communication with each other could help to improve the clarity of our emotions and opinions. How would you say what you would prefer not to say when playing it safe? Visualize it! Visualize what you think and add some humor to it. How about that?

Story Behind

There are moments in our lives that can hardly be described in words, because the emotions behind them break the limits of our language. For this reason, I have always believed in using alternative ways of expressing feelings to make my point more clear. For instance, how does one retain one’s relationship with a significant other after having a huge quarrel? Words won’t suffice here. We need something bigger, like making a point that we really care. We need to create the right mood as a first step. So what about this kind of message?


Be creative with

Hollywoody App



what you feel

in a fresh way


Make your point

more effective


Say what you would
not to say
when playing it safe


Have fun and share making this day

a bit better for people around


Show who is

in your team now


I hope you like it and that you find your way to think creatively about your words.

Thank you,
Fedor Sarokvasha

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